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Exercises for enhancing your breast:

Breast Exercises | Bust blast| non-surgical breast enlargement

Breasts happen to be one very appealing physical feature that attracts people first impression about any women. The positive about great boobs is not just how they look attractive only, but also the increase in a women self-confidence and moral esteem.

Unlikely, not all women’s is endowed with those pair of bumpy firm full size boobs who are attractive and match with her weight and body shape, and this is where BUST BLAST is a must to turn those boobs to the ones you would be happy to have.


The process of breast enlargement consists of several methods, all add-up to the progress you can achieve in the least time.

Most of these exercises will help raise the size of your boobs naturally and the best of all is that it is free and will also help you tone your upper body shape and lose some weight.

The exercises included will help you tighten your upper body muscles so it will help increase the volume and will enhance the shape of how your boobs look.

First, we will work out with your pectoral muscles. We will do the push-ups, where you can do on the floor or you can do it against a wall or any other surface.

Start slowly and find your way in a moderate pace. This exercise will help enhance the firmness of your breast as it will build some muscles in your chest which will add up to the size of your breast and will help in the development of this sexy looking breast.

Also, bench presses are a second kind of training which will help enhance the firmness and the look of your developing breasts. You can start training using low weight dumbbells which could be increased by time. Don’t try to exhaust your muscles by starting with heavy weight, experts would rather prefer you start with a mild weight and start raising weigh by time at your own pace.

The use of exercise and the supplementation daily use will increase your chances of obtaining those boobs you dream about in the shortest period of time and with the least effort.

Breast firming Exercises | Bust blast |non-surgical breast enlargement


Regular Breast Massages

Breast massaging regularly is considered one of the best remedies to help increase breast size naturally with our supplements. We encourage you to take almost 30 minutes daily to do those massages which with the exercise and the supplementations would help adding more cup sizes monthly.

Massaging your breasts daily had a lot of benefits, first, it would stimulate the blood circulation to the breast area where the hormone (estrogen) is needed to help increase the size of your breast. Also, regular massaging would stimulate the production of another important hormone (prolactin) which is a key factor in the development of breast tissue.

You will need to do almost 200 counts of the massaging procedure daily, 100 counts at the morning and another 100 count on the evening.

First rub the palm of your hands together for 5 seconds to heat them and generate some positive energy for the massaging process, then you place them on your breasts and rub them inwards(on the clockwise direction) on the right breast and then repeat on the left breast on the anticlockwise direction for 5 seconds each breast.

Each of these massage round is considered 1 count, you will need to repeat for almost 100 counts without forgetting to rub your palms together from time to time during the massage to help maintain the high energy levels.

Also, we would like you to consider that healthy food stuff which also can help you build this enhanced bust in a very short time.


Bust Blast the best natural formula available to enhance the size and shape of your breast.

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